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New Industrial Chemical Plant Construction

I&E construction of brand new greenfield industrial facilities such as Suncor’s Ethanol Facility in Corunna, ON.

New Solar Farm Construction

Acting at the General Contractor in the construction of 20MW solar farm.

New Power Plant Construction

DMW has been involved in few major power plant projects.   500 to 1000 MW power plants such as the Greenfield Energy Centre,   St. Clair Energy Centre, as well as smaller industrial scale co-gen units for various clients.

PetroChemical Maintenance and Turnaround Projects

We maintain several multi-year maintenance and small-cap contracts with major Oil & Gas and other PetroChemical clients.   Supporting day to day maintenance as well as major turnaround scopes.

Point Edward Charity Casino

Located on Sarnia’s beautiful waterfront, the Point Edward Charity Casino is one of the most modern gaming attractions in Ontario.

DMW Electrical was responsible for the electrical scope of work.

Pipeline Work

Working with various pipeline facilities supporting major I&E upgrades across Ontario and into Quebec.

Substation New Construction and Retrofits

DMW has executed many projects related to new substation, industrial electrical building construction, MCC work.

Waste Water Treatment Facility Construction and Maintenance

We work with various municipalities either in new construction or with maintenance support of their waste water facilities and pumping stations.

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